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Apr 01 2012

40th Week

Tokyo trip Pictures of my Tokyo trip and the international Anime fair. The big bicycle trip through Japan approaches. Thus it takes a lot of resources to organize this event. A little side note in advance. I’m going to start in Korea. I have to begin my trip there due to the fact that there …

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Dec 26 2011

26th Week

Merry Christmas! The last Christmas holiday and then it will already be over again :( I hope everybody enjoyed the time and had a nice Christmas. So I will start updating the blog this week. Since this is quite a lot of work it might take one or two weeks. Following will be improved: The …

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Dec 11 2011

21st Week

Sulphur pit and snow :)

Mountain Mania So far I have been very lucky with my stay in Japan, and with my jobs as well. I am currently working in an Onsen Hotel in Manza. The mountain site is simply a dream come true, with crystal clear night skies – a nice diversion compared to Tokyo’s starless sky – and …

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Sep 04 2011

the 13th week

Test the rest It’s finally about time to say something about my new job. As I already mentioned it is a project based job, and slow but steady we are about to reach the end of our project. The company in which I am working does so-called linguistic video game testing as briefly mentioned in …

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Jul 13 2011

third week

Die Maus

Here comes the mouse!   Friday. My host Celine has no internet access at home which is why she is taking me to her university, Dokkyo university. There she hands me her wireless password and heads off for her lectures. It’s simply great. This is how I even get to know Japanese student live. Even …

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