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Jun 26 2012

From Fukuoka to Moji

Despite the plum rain I stayed dry most of the time. I made my way from Fukuoka to Okagaki, from there on I rode to Kitakyushu and  took the ferry to the main island Honshu and cycled until Ube. Special thanks to: Kay Makishi (U.S.A.), Joel Abad (Japan), Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace Provider Network for excellent …

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Apr 17 2012

42nd Week

it’s all about Traffic! I solved the riddle of the browser game I mentioned in my last post. I simply had to enter some more text into those text fields and now it’s possible to transport my bicycle trailer on my flight from Tokyo to Seoul. It reminded me of the riddle from ‘The Secret …

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Apr 09 2012

41st Week

Realtime point and click adventure The bicycle journey through Korea is already planned and I have even found three hosts already. I will start in Seoul and cycle to Pusan, but the stops in-between are still a secret. Also the first 500 km through Japan is planned. Please don’t be disappointed about me skipping Okinawa …

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