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Jun 16 2012

Korean Candy

A last video from South Korea. South Korean Candies/Sweets. Special thanks to: Elijah Palmer, Lee Radde, Asley Kasper, Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace Provider Network for excellent web page hosting services; Christoph Flossmann, Lilith Pendzich

Mar 18 2012

38th Week

Japanese Sweets/Candy test I have to apologise. In week six I wrote Japanese Candies were horrible. Back then I just had bad luck with picking the right things. Meanwhile I found some good sweets/candy. However gumdrops don’t seem to be very popular in Japan. You’ll find more candy than gumdrops in every grocery store. When …

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Jul 21 2011

the sixth week

I don't need to do exercises. I have children for that!

That’s like taking candy from a baby For everybody who does not know it: I’m a sugar addict. I need my sugar no matter if in liquid form like soft drinks or in solid form. Mostly those products then originate from companies like Haribo, Trolli, Milka, Ritter Sport or Ferrero. As much as I have …

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