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Sep 30 2012

Jigokudani Monkey Onsen nearby Nagano and Mt. Shirane

Who resumes a bicycle trip with an 80 km long leg after a one month long lasting recovering break will be punished. Which is the case with me. But it’s my own body which punishes me. From Matsumoto I’m making my way via two smaller mountain pass to Nagano. However with one pass you wouldn’t …

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May 14 2012

46th Week

to snow you a bit My last week in Manza deep in the Japanese Alps. We had snow again… And some last photos from here before I head for Tokyo on Wednesday and to Seoul on Friday. There will be further web page updates and more infos about the tour within the week.     …

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Jan 11 2012

29th Week

aMANZAing Grace Well, well… It seems the grace won’t stop. The Japanese a capella group Takarabune from Kobe interviewed and performing “amazing Grace” – the favourite song of all Manza onsen hotel employees. To find out why this is our favourite song and everybody loves it here you don’t even have to work here but …

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Jan 08 2012

28th Week

Life is aMANZAing It’s once again video time. Enjoy the first winter sports pictures of this blog! It’s an New Zealand/Bavarian co-production. Err… The second part explains everything about the Japanese People and their German obsession. Have fun! Life is aMANZAing! von Daaaaaaaaaaaax Special thanks to: Hayden Rhodes, New Zealand; Okamoto San, Japan; Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace …

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Dec 31 2011

27th Week

And a happy new year! A short video about how the Japanese people celebrate new year’s eve. It’s also a Japanese custom to eat Soba – Japanese noodles – at new year’s eve. No, no fireworks :( Sylvester 2011_2012 von Daaaaaaaaaaaax Updates part two: sixth week: Photos of the Kirari Kids (the children I taught …

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Dec 20 2011

23rd Week

The big good bye He gave me shelter when I was broke. He helped me find a job in Tokyo. He let me stay at his place for free even when I finally found a job and offered to pay rent. He corrected most of my blog threads. Together we philosophised about life, enjoyed lots …

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Dec 11 2011

21st Week

Sulphur pit and snow :)

Mountain Mania So far I have been very lucky with my stay in Japan, and with my jobs as well. I am currently working in an Onsen Hotel in Manza. The mountain site is simply a dream come true, with crystal clear night skies – a nice diversion compared to Tokyo’s starless sky – and …

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Dec 09 2011

19th week

Sleepless in Shuttle After another sleepless night on an airplane I arrived at Narita Airport for the second time. This time even more packed with stuff compared to the first time. I brought my bicycle trailer and my snowboard. Well, since I don’t have my own bicycle (I used my sister’s bicycle for the Hamburg …

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