Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 21 2011

the 16th week

What else except for Videogames has the Tokyo Gameshow to offer? A video that catches the atmosphere of the Tokyo Gameshow. The coolest booths designs and of course the hottest babes. Enjoy! Tokyo Gameshow 2011 von Daaaaaaaaaaaax

Sep 11 2011

the 15th week

Over 30 attendees

A short video about Tokyo’s couch surfing meeting and pictures from the famous crossing in Shibuya at night! Enjoy! Couchsurfing Tokyo von Daaaaaaaaaaaax

Sep 08 2011

the 14th week


Super Couch potatos Not the main reason but surely a crucial one as to why I came to Japan is my strong interest in one of Japan’s most important exported cultural goods: mangas and video games. And this is why it will get technical once again this week. I’m making my way to the Mecca …

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Sep 04 2011

the 13th week

Test the rest It’s finally about time to say something about my new job. As I already mentioned it is a project based job, and slow but steady we are about to reach the end of our project. The company in which I am working does so-called linguistic video game testing as briefly mentioned in …

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