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Oct 12 2012

What the Fukushima

From Utsunomiya I’m making my way via Koriyama to the 284.000 inhabitant small city of Fukushima. It’s a bit ironic. Since June I have been cycling through Japan and where do I face the first Godzilla on my journey? Although… it should have come into my mind way earlier why it is that way. Since …

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Mar 11 2012

37th Week

One Year after Fukushima In memory of the victims of the earthquake-, tsunami-, and the nuclear reactor disaster of Fukushima one year ago I decided not to post an article this Sunday. This entry is dedicated to the victims and their dependants. Our thoughts are with the people who lost their lives or existence that …

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Jun 29 2011

second week

A line for the Metro line

Woho, I’m an alien. I’m a legal alien I’m a German man in Japan… To be honest I didn’t find a way to get my foreigner’s registration card without having a permanent address here in Japan. However Jim and Heath were nice enough to use their address to get myself registered. It is once again …

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