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Jan 08 2012

28th Week

Life is aMANZAing It’s once again video time. Enjoy the first winter sports pictures of this blog! It’s an New Zealand/Bavarian co-production. Err… The second part explains everything about the Japanese People and their German obsession. Have fun! Life is aMANZAing! von Daaaaaaaaaaaax Special thanks to: Hayden Rhodes, New Zealand; Okamoto San, Japan; Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace …

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Dec 31 2011

27th Week

And a happy new year! A short video about how the Japanese people celebrate new year’s eve. It’s also a Japanese custom to eat Soba – Japanese noodles – at new year’s eve. No, no fireworks :( Sylvester 2011_2012 von Daaaaaaaaaaaax Updates part two: sixth week: Photos of the Kirari Kids (the children I taught …

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Dec 11 2011

21st Week

Sulphur pit and snow :)

Mountain Mania So far I have been very lucky with my stay in Japan, and with my jobs as well. I am currently working in an Onsen Hotel in Manza. The mountain site is simply a dream come true, with crystal clear night skies – a nice diversion compared to Tokyo’s starless sky – and …

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Dec 09 2011

20th Week


Drenched Drinker As I am delayed with my blog – the work here in Manza is very demanding – only a brief update about week 20. After all I arrived safe and sound in Manza, was provided with free board and lodging with a big room even for European standards. I also don’t have to …

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