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May 11 2012

45th week

Crunch mode I’m in crunch mode. Who already glanced at the German www.cyclonara.de page might have discovered that the contents about my stay in Japan have been transferred. With this post my blog moves and is turned into my blog about my bicycle trip. Well. Still three weeks to go. After my journey through South …

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Apr 09 2012

41st Week

Realtime point and click adventure The bicycle journey through Korea is already planned and I have even found three hosts already. I will start in Seoul and cycle to Pusan, but the stops in-between are still a secret. Also the first 500 km through Japan is planned. Please don’t be disappointed about me skipping Okinawa …

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Apr 01 2012

40th Week

Tokyo trip Pictures of my Tokyo trip and the international Anime fair. The big bicycle trip through Japan approaches. Thus it takes a lot of resources to organize this event. A little side note in advance. I’m going to start in Korea. I have to begin my trip there due to the fact that there …

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