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Nov 18 2012

going postal

I go on to Hirosaki, Japan’s apple capital. Already more than three weeks ago my mum sent a package from Germany to my hosts here. Medical supplies, my new credit card, most important however are German sweets/candy which I need urgently. On arriving at my host’s the package still hasn’t arrived. Yet I have three …

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Oct 12 2012

What the Fukushima

From Utsunomiya I’m making my way via Koriyama to the 284.000 inhabitant small city of Fukushima. It’s a bit ironic. Since June I have been cycling through Japan and where do I face the first Godzilla on my journey? Although… it should have come into my mind way earlier why it is that way. Since …

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Aug 23 2012


The heat won’t stop. Once again I have to cycle for a whole day at 36°C. It’s one of those days on which one can drink six litres of liquid by going only once to the toilet. As if the heat wouldn’t already be enough it gets even hotter at a certain spot of my …

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Aug 08 2012

Nagaokakyo & Yamazaki Distillery in Hibiki

My dear old school friend Andreas Off, who has lived and worked in Japan for the past six years, recently moved to the city of Nagaokakyo, which is located between Osaka and Kyoto. Andreas hosted me for one weekend, and of course he already had a full program planned for us. First off, he informed …

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Jul 25 2012


Two films and tons of pictures from Osaka! Enjoy! Cupnoodle von Daaaaaaaaaaaax Special thanks to: Akihiro Sando (Japan), T.Kandaroka (Japan), Ayu Okakita (Japan), Jeff Light (U.S.A.) Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace Provider Network for excellent web page hosting services; Lilith Pendzich

Jul 25 2012


Once again I’m lucky to have a sunny day in Kurashiki and therefore can present you fantastic photos of the Bikan Historic Area. Kurashiki is one of those cities which escaped World War II mostly unharmed and thus, plenty of original, homes, storehouses (倉 Kura), shops and mills are preserved today alongside the beautiful historic …

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Jul 13 2012

cycling psycho in Saijo

Japan’s capital of Sake is situated in Higashi Hiroshima and called Saijo. Even if the brewery- and tourism season here is during winter time I was given a guided tour and recieved a filming permit. Furthermore some pictures from Takehara. Enjoy! I found a very good multilingual web page about all breweries in Saijo. Furthermore …

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Jun 05 2012


So I made it to Daegu, South Korea’s textile metropolis with only 2.5 Million inhabitants but five universities. The city is also known very well for its traditional Korean medicine. It has the oldest traditional medicine market of South Korea. My host Colombe from France takes me to a street with plenty of ceramic shops. …

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Jun 02 2012

Mungyeon – Gumi

The leg Mungyeon – Gumi is beautiful but incomplete. There were road works so I couldn’t use the flat bicycle road and had do wheel my bicycle and trailer separately on top of a mountain with an incline of 20 %! Gumi itself is more a big industrial city. One will find huge factories of …

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May 28 2012

The Chungju dam

The Chungju dam in Southkorea forms Southkorea’s largest artificial lake. Chungju dam / Staudamm von Daaaaaaaaaaaax Special thanks to: Hyngsup Yoon, Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace Provider Network for excellent web page hosting services; Christoph Flossmann, Lilith Pendzich;

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