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Mar 18 2012

38th Week

Japanese Sweets/Candy test I have to apologise. In week six I wrote Japanese Candies were horrible. Back then I just had bad luck with picking the right things. Meanwhile I found some good sweets/candy. However gumdrops don’t seem to be very popular in Japan. You’ll find more candy than gumdrops in every grocery store. When …

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Mar 04 2012

36th Week

Maria Prusakova Part II Masha about how it is to go back to a “normal” life again. Advice for Snowboarders. And something about her successor. Masha part 2 von Daaaaaaaaaaaax (My apologies for the bad sound. The battery for my mic died that day and it was not possible to get a replacement up here …

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Jan 21 2012

30th Week

Manza Mountain

Video Mania Well, well, it’s once again video time. But this place is simply too beautiful not to be filmed. Beagstaign von Daaaaaaaaaaaax   My colleague Hayden wanted to do some snowboard tricks. Unfortunately the slope was not steep enough. He explains the healthiest way to walk and why walking is so healthy. Surftrainingsecrets.com von …

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Jan 11 2012

29th Week

aMANZAing Grace Well, well… It seems the grace won’t stop. The Japanese a capella group Takarabune from Kobe interviewed and performing “amazing Grace” – the favourite song of all Manza onsen hotel employees. To find out why this is our favourite song and everybody loves it here you don’t even have to work here but …

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Sep 11 2011

the 15th week

Over 30 attendees

A short video about Tokyo’s couch surfing meeting and pictures from the famous crossing in Shibuya at night! Enjoy! Couchsurfing Tokyo von Daaaaaaaaaaaax

Aug 09 2011

the tenth week

Buddhist heart

They lost their hearts in India Obon Festival part two. In week nine I showed you some photos of the Obon atmosphere. What I missed to catch so far were the dances linked to this tradition, and of course the kimonos. It’s time to present you some footage from the festival. One of Tokyo’s biggest …

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Jul 24 2011

the seventh week

Well, all right. I was asked by some readers to make use of my tripod and to present some footage. I’m presenting some of the challenges facing every English teacher in Japan. The biggest seems obviously to be to convey the Japanese people the difference between ‘L’ and ‘R’. Even more difficult is it to …

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