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Mar 18 2012

38th Week

Japanese Sweets/Candy test I have to apologise. In week six I wrote Japanese Candies were horrible. Back then I just had bad luck with picking the right things. Meanwhile I found some good sweets/candy. However gumdrops don’t seem to be very popular in Japan. You’ll find more candy than gumdrops in every grocery store. When …

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Dec 21 2011

24th Week

The dark side of the moon Okay it’s once again picture time. This time of the Senso-ji-Temple in Tokyo also shot in late September. When walking through the temple complex there a woman asked me if her little daughter – maybe five perhaps six years young – might ask me some questions. So I bent …

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Nov 17 2011

Break in Style

Pavel, my Couchsurfers and me.

I’m a stranger in Moscow I know, I know, the sub title of my blog says: one year Japan during the aftermath of Fukushima. A little break in Germany was planned from the beginning. And it will be a year at least. Does it make sense then to write something about Moscow? I think yes. …

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