Apr 30 2012

44st Week

Golden Week

These are my last days in Manza :( The culmination will be the golden week. Besides Obon and new year an important holiday period in Japan. So peak season for us here in the Hotel.

The golden week begins on 29th of April with the Shōwa-day, the Shōwa no Hi, 昭和の日. This day is only from the year 2007 on dedicated to the – because of his reign during the second World War – controversial Emperor Tennō Hirohito (*29.04.1901 – † 7.01.1989). Before 2007 the day was called Midori no hi みどりの日, green day.

Der 3rd of May Kempō Kinen-bi, 憲法記念日. The constitution day.

Since 2007 the 4th of May was turned into the green day, Midori no Hi, みどりの日. Before it used to be Kokumin no Kyūjitsu 国民の休日, people’s holiday.

The golden Week is concluded with the Kodomo no Hi, こどもの日, children’s day. On May 5th.

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