Feb 19 2012

34th week


I decided to change this week’s topic, it will not be about Japanese cuisine or about snowboarding. Actually I’ve been kind of surprised by Valentines day. Why? It’s completely different in Japan! Here the man is not supposed to give a present, but to receive one; either by an admirer, girlfriend, wife, or a female working colleagues of lower hierarchy. Usually the gift is chocolate (actually it almost always is chocolate). The chocolate someone receives from someone whom they are in love or a relationship with, is always very special and very expensive. On the other hand, the chocolates male bosses receive from their employees are simply sincere and casual.

Really? Japanese women are supposed to do all the giving? But here is the rub: exactly one month later is white day, which is the valentines day for females in Japan. The boyfriends and husbands are supposed to treat their beloved, but not only with chocolate. The ladies can choose chocolates, flowers or other creative gifts. Weird hm? But somehow I like it :)

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