Mar 18 2012

38th Week

Japanese Sweets/Candy test

I have to apologise. In week six I wrote Japanese Candies were horrible. Back then I just had bad luck with picking the right things. Meanwhile I found some good sweets/candy. However gumdrops don’t seem to be very popular in Japan. You’ll find more candy than gumdrops in every grocery store. When one finally found gumdrops the packages are so small that one will ask her or himself, why the packages are reclosable at all. Those packs have a three times smaller capacity compared to regular German gumdrop packs with the difference that the price is three times as high compared to German Gumdrop packs. None the less. Most of those gumdrops are tasty. Enjoy the video.

Japanese candy test – Japanischer Süßigkeitentest von Daaaaaaaaaaaax

Here a selection of different candy package designs. For the first time you can vote in this blog which package design you like best! Three packs will be raffled off amongst all voters and will be sent to them. Winners can choose which candy they would like to receive. So you don’t have to take the one you voted for. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. (Sorry, still have to set up the vote. Will post it here once everything is set up)

(This text has not been revised. Should you spot a horrible mistake you simply can’t live with :) or a typical “German English” phrase please let me know by dropping me a message or a comment. I will correct it and credit your name should you wish that. I’m happy to receive any feedback and really appreciate your help.)

Special thanks to: Hyunjung Kim, 유현화, both South Korea; Fumi Ono, Japan; Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace Provider Network for excellent web page hosting services; Lilith Pendzich;


  1. Kevin Burkhardt

    i Mog bild 7. Und ich würde sehr gerne ein packet von dir aus Japan bekommen. Simon mal ne andere frage in Japan muesste es doch auch die neusten Handy’s geben für billige preise oder? Wen dem so ist schick mir doch mal website’s wo man handy’s und Electronics sehen kann. und schick mir mal ne Tel nummer wo Mann dich erreichen kann. Kann dich dann über skype anrufen.



    1. admin

      Hi there,

      you know I also have a German page. The .eu page is held in English. Cheap cell phones in Japan? Well, yes. But sending it to Granada including toll comes to the same or even a higher price compared to the prices for the same phone in Granada. At the moment I don’t have a SIM card. Don’t need it here. But will get one for the bicycle trip.

      All the best!


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