Jan 11 2012

29th Week

aMANZAing Grace

Well, well… It seems the grace won’t stop. The Japanese a capella group Takarabune from Kobe interviewed and performing “amazing Grace” – the favourite song of all Manza onsen hotel employees. To find out why this is our favourite song and everybody loves it here you don’t even have to work here but only stay for one night and you will know why… Sorry but sometimes even a blog needs inside jokes.

Takarabune von Daaaaaaaaaaaax

Takarabune’s Germany/Switzerland tour dates:
28. 01. 2012: Gaggenau, Klag-Bühne
29. 01. 2012: Stuttgart, Theaterhaus
01. 02. 2012: Mannheim, Reiss-Engelhorn Museen
03. 02. 2012: Zug, Schweiz, Chollerhalle
04. 02. 2012: Limburg, Thing
05. 02. 2012: Frankfurt, Neues Theater Höchst
06. 02. 2012: Bramsche, Universum e.V. Filmtheater

Infos on Takarabune’s webpage
Youtube-Video: Takarabune
Youtube-Video: Takarabune: Happy Heaven
Youtube-Video: Takarabune: Lover come back to me
Youtube-Video: Takarabune: Mas Que Nada
Youtube-Video: Takarabune: Japanischer Song
Youtube-Video: Takarabune: Kono-Michi

Special thanks to: Mayumi Takahashi, Natsumi Uekita, Miyako Ushio, Kimiyo Yamagami, Mayumi Nakamura, Japan; Hubertus Neidhart from Webspace Provider Network for excellent web page hosting services; Lilith Pendzich;

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